Triphobic Trifocal

Triphobic Trifocal           

  • TriPhobic Dynamic Adaptation with Patented refractive-diffractive cast molded optic design
  • Provides Seamless Vision for Near, Intermediate and Distance
  • Reduces pupil dependency
  • Dynamic Light distribution
  • Platform: True Trifocal, Aspheric, Single piece, Synchronized cast molded hydrophobic acrylic IOL
  • Optic Design: 6.00 mm
  • Overall Length: 13.00 mm
  • Available from 0.0 D to +40.0 D (0.5 D increment)

TriPhobic HD is an essentially a glistening free material to reduce visual disturbances, minimizing the loss of light. The optical quality is enhanced through a unique cast molding process without a need for any subsequent polishing process. Apart from the novel design, the material is developed to have enhanced stability across the temperature gradient for better operating room experience for surgeons and exceptional visual outcomes for patients. We set a new standard in preventing glistening’s by developing a material that maintains the long range order throught the product life cycle. The Triphobic HD lens material is equivalent or superior to the material of new generation hydrophobic lenses.



triphobic toric

Platform True trifocal, Aspheric, Foldable, Single Piece, Synchronised cast molded hydrophobic acrylic IOL 
Model  AS-6TD / AS-6TDT
Optic Design  6.00 mm
Optic Size 13.00 mm
Haptic Size  Triphobic HD(Patented Technology) / Triphobic Toric HD(Patented Technology)
Haptic Design C loop haptic (suitable for MICS)
Haptic Angle 0°, Uniplanar
Material  Hydrophobic acrylic polymer with UV filter & blue light blocker
Aspheric Value Mildly Negative Asphericity
Abbe Number > 52
Light Transmission > 90.0 %
Light Distribution Light distribution in photopic condition: 52% Far, 18 % Intermediate, and 30 % Near
Light distribution in scotopic condition: 50% Far, 20 % Intermediate, and 30 % Near
Light distribution in mesopic condition: 53% Far, 22% Intermediate, and 25 % Near
Square Edge All Enhanced Square Edge 
Refractive Index Wet 25°C; 1.543 +0.002
Acoustic A Constant 118.8
Optical A Constant SRK-II: 119.5

SRK-T: 119.3
Haigis ad, a1, a2: 1.362, 0.4, 0.1

Hoffer Q PACD: 5.57

Holladay sf: 1.79

Barrett Universal II LF: 1.91 

Diopter Power Range sph 0.0 D to +40.0 D (0.5 D increment) / sph 0.0 D to +32.0 D (0.5 D increment) cyl +0.5 D to +6.0 D (0.5 D increment)