Steam Sterilization Enbio S


  • The Enbio S is the world’s fastest B Class air-removal (pre-vacuum) autoclave. The Enbio S is unmatched in beauty and ease of use. A red dot award winner for design. 
  • Made in Switzerland.


Speedmaster – 7 min.

  • Enbio sterilizes your tools in a snap and changes the way you work. Now, you can prepare your tools between patient visits. 
  • Complete up to 50 full cycles per day
  • Brings the tools ready when you need them
  • Reduce the number of expensive tools needed. 

Small foot. Big Space. 

  • Sterilizers wrapped and unwrapped tools. 
  • Ultra compact with fast turn-around. 
  • Incredibly intuitive with just a touch of the screen. 

Safety taks the stage.

  • Fits your working environment. 
  • Works so silent that you will barely notice it in the room. 
  • Shows your patients that you care. 



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