Sophi Eco

Sophi Eco

Screenshot 2022-08-30 123247
  • Active IOP Control Pump
  • Peristaltic Pump
  • Compressor Vitrectomy
  • Battery-Ready
  • Tray Sophi
  • Wi-Fi Video Transmitter Sophi
  • Wireless Foot Pedal

Mobility, Simplicity, Safety. Sophi is the first wireless Phaco System, which offers the surgical team high flexibility and mobility.

Small details, big advantages. Sophi’s design is simple and straightforward. Complexity lies inside the device and therefore facilitates a simple user handling.

Efficient Sinus Phaco. The less energy a Phaco handpiece requires, the less heat is projected into the eye. That is why Sophi controls the handpiece with a sinusoidal signal.

Pump Fluidics. When it comes to the pumping system, Sophi is impressively innovative. Sophi controls fluidics with perfectly aligned pumping systems. Peristaltic Pump and active IOP Control Pump.

Tip, sleeve, test chamber and wrench. Stable chamber even at high vacuum levels and efficient emulsification to reduce effective phaco-time without compromising safety.

Cortex removal, polish…The latest series of bimanual and coaxial I/A-handles ensure enhanced grip during I/A.

Pneumatic anterior vitrectomy. The compressor for vitrectomy is integrated into the device. Therefore, the usual tube to the external pneumatic supply becomes superfluous


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