Ripoflavin SafeCross


Riboflavin Solution       

Riboflavin solution specifically designed for corneal cross-linking in thin corneas, to treat ectatic diseases by means of the CCR+CXL combined technique.

Features and Benefits

  • SafeCross®is a CE-marked riboflavin solution, produced by iVis Technologies, designed for fast penetration and diffusion into the corneal stroma.
  • SafeCross®is based on a scientifically developed, highly concentrated buffered solution of 0,25% (2,5 mg/mL) riboflavin and 1% (10 mg/mL) of hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose, producing an amount of superoxide anion higher than 1,50 µmol/ml, when it is irradiated with 5,4 J/cm2for 30 minutes at a UV-A 365nm power source of 3 mW/cm2. SafeCross® solution is yellow, sterile, highly purified, non-irritating, transparent, with an optimized osmolarity
  • SafeCross®allows to perform a safe cross-linking on thin corneas, allowing the synthesis of cross-linking bridges among the stromal fibers without damaging the corneal endothelium.
  • The percentage of riboflavin available in SafeCross®is specifically conceived to minimize the risk of corneal endothelium damage.



SafeCross® maximizes the oxygen availability and optimizes the singlet oxygen activation.

The percentage of riboflavin and of HPMC available in SafeCross® is specifically designed to maximize oxygen availability and to optimize the singlet oxygen activation. More in detail, an anion superoxide production higher than 1,50 µmol/ml is achieved with an irradiation equal to E = 5,4 J/cm2.

SafeCross®, thanks to its specifically conceived osmolarity, minimizes either the risk of corneal shrinkage and swelling, maximizing the cross-linking bridges activation.



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