• A digestible collagen implant that controls tissue growth
    • Melting time 3-6 months
    • Several different surgical uses include:
      • in glaucoma surgery e.g. trabeculectomy, non-penetrating deep sclerectomy, plaque implants and XEN implants
      • for dura mater thinning
      • for wing membranes
      • Reduces the need for mitomycin!


    Available in round and square tiles:

    • 830601 Ø 6 mm x 2 mm (H)
    • 830621 Ø 7.5 mm x 2 mm (H)
    • 862051 Ø 12 mm x 1 mm (H)
    • 870051 10 mm (W) x 10 mm (W) x 2 mm (H)


Ologen Collagen Matrix is ​​a fusible implant used in ophthalmic surgery that is designed to support the process of regeneration of connective and epithelial tissues. As a porous, spongy scaffold, it directs the fibroblasts to grow inside them irregularly, preventing scar tissue from forming. When the Ologen melts away in about 3-6 months, a structure resembling natural tissue remains.

By interacting with damaged or weak target tissue, Ologen promotes the restoration of its functionality and prevents the adhesion of conjunctiva and sclera. The collagen matrix reduces tissue tightening in the wound area and promotes the formation of a near-normal subconjunctival stroma.

The Ologen implant is highly absorbent, capable of binding up to 50 times its weight in fluid. In glaucoma surgery, it forms a protruding bleb that acts as a dynamic, physiological buffer. Ologen prevents hypotension and anterior chamber depletion, supporting and maintaining bleb function even after impairment. As a placeholder, for example, on a glaucoma site, it acts as a physical separator to prevent erosion.