About us

Comprehensive partner in medical care

Alsafa is your partner in ophthalmic care. As an independent family business, with a close-knit team of driven employees, we have been assisting eye specialists and eye professionals for more than 35 years.

Intensive cooperation and an international network enable us serve the market with high-quality products, continuously surprising with innovations. Together, we make eye care better and more efficient and help our customers perform even better.

Vision of the market

Globalization and up-scaling are on the rise. In healthcare, too, the market is centralizing and the power of purchasing combinations is increasing. An excellent development, as long as it makes healthcare better and more efficient. Alsafa focuses on growth and expansion in order to be able to optimally serve the changing market. That way, we protect our interests and those of our suppliers.


We feel happy to help you

As a supplier of high-quality products to private clinics and public hospitals, we guarantee flexible service, reliability and know-how.

We also understand the challenges of today’s Ophthalmologists, and that is to offer high-quality eye care solutions at competitive and cost-effective prices. In addition, Alsafa is also committed to support our partners with marketing solutions and help them shine with a different touch.

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